Funko Pops Might Have Revealed Some What If…? Spoilers

What If Ultron

If you’re a collector of Funko Pops, you may have noticed a post on the Original Funko Instagram account yesterday that piqued your interest. A new Marvel Funko Pop is available for preorder, and if you’ve been watching Disney Plus’ new Marvel series, What If….?, you’ll really enjoy this one.

The post also appears to unveil the official name of a particular villain — and fans have a lot to say about the “reveal.”

The post on the account shows the Funko Pop, and it looks fantastic. A thread was posted to Reddit soon after fans noticed that the post also named the Pop, solving questions fans have had since the latest episode of What If…?.

You can find the What If…? Infinity Ultron Funko Pop here.

The Funko Pop will undoubtedly be a must-have for fans, and here’s what they’re saying on Reddit about the figure and the big reveal made by Funko.

This fan isn’t totally sold on the blank part of his face but knows that’s how he looks in the series.

This user responded by saying it looks just like him without Vision.

This user said the Pop looks really cool regardless.

On the topic of names, this user has been calling him Infinity Ultron already; they’re pretty stoked on that being the name Funko used.

This user is accepting no name but Infinitron.

This fan would prefer Infinite Ultron to Infinity Ultron.

Finally, this fan says they’ve never been a big collector of Funko, but they’re planning to start now.

Have you been watching What If…? on Disney Plus? What do you think of this Pop? Let us know.