Game Of Thrones Fans Are Angry That The Battle Of Winterfell Was Too Dark

Game of Thrones

The Battle of Winterfell has arrived, and a victor has now risen in Game of Thrones. The fight scenes between both humans and monsters were as epic as could be, and a ton of fun to watch, but there was one problem: the episode was just too damn dark.

No, literally, we couldn’t see half the action. Fans aren’t complaining because too many people got hurt and it wasn’t happy enough and full of unicorns (those might actually be coming to the show, by the way). No, they’re pissed because the lighting in the episode did its job a little too well. We get it; it’s at night, there’s snow everywhere and flashlights haven’t been invented yet. But before I was even able to watch the latest installment, I was seeing posts on Facebook complaining about how dark the battle scenes were.

Twitter never fails to entertain following an outing of GoT, whether it be over Arya’s sex scene or Tormund’s disturbing story about how he got so big. Which I still can’t unsee in my mind’s eye, so thanks for that, producers.

On that note, here’s what social media users are feeling about Sunday night’s episode. GIFs and JPEGs truly do say things so much better than actual words sometimes.

Some fans apparently have better eyesight, or better screens than I.

At least this person sees the bright side…of the darkness.

I’m right there with you, Samantha. This was definitely the most emotionally draining night, and weekend, in a long time. Yes, it’s over fictional characters. And yes, we’re proud of it.

Hopefully in next week’s episode of Game of Thrones, we’ll actually get to see it when Daenerys claws Cersei’s eyes out.

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