Game Of Thrones Fans Freaking Out Over [SPOILERS] Sex Scene

Game of Thrones

It looks like Game of Thrones has done it again. They’ve sent Twitter into a complete frenzy over the latest episode tonight. Specifically, a scene involving a certain vertically challenged assassin.

After watching last week’s outing, fans got the idea that there might be something brewing between Arya and Gendry. There was some playful banter, and Gendry was more than happy to make her a special Dragonglass weapon. Despite being busy making spears and swords for, oh, thousands of soldiers, he set some time aside to help her kill a few white walkers of her own. If that doesn’t scream love, what does?

Turns out, the fans were right. Arya and Gendry did the ole Houghmagandy (look it up) and once again, the Twitterverse is reacting accordingly. Before we get into that though, let’s take a moment to thank the man or woman behind the UK HBO Twitter account for the little heads up earlier in the day.

They basically put the words “ARYA IS GOING TO HAVE SEX TONIGHT” in neon letters with this tweet:

With that out of the way, here are some of the funniest (and dirtiest) things you’ll read this week!

Okay, that’s enough of that. I mean, talk about emotions being all over the place…this scene really did something different for everyone.

How did you feel about Gendry getting Arya’s v-card tonight on Game of Thrones, though? Awkward? Disturbed? Watched it over and over? Let me know in the comments section down below! Except about the over and over thing. You can keep that to yourself.

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