Jon And Dany Plan Their Next Move In First Pics For Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5 “Eastwatch”


“The Spoils of War” may be a hard act to follow, but Game of Thrones season 7 marches on.

Its latest instalment, “Eastwatch,” is due to premiere via HBO on Sunday, August 13th, and it seems Daenerys will be trying to make amends with Jon Snow after blatantly ignoring his advice and riding Drogon over Westeros – much to the dismay of the Lannister army and, in particular, Jamie, who was last seen plummeting to the depths of a nearby lake. To her credit, Dany’s preemptive attack didn’t result in the destruction of the Red Keep (and with it, hundreds of innocent lives), and was more of a strategic power play to strike back at the Lannisters after losing Dorne, Casterly Rock, and much of her Iron Fleet.

Yes, Euron Greyjoy’s fearsome ship – dubbed The Silence for his decision to remove all of his crewmates’ tongues by hand – is now the apex predator of Westeros’ oceans, and surely a full-sized dragon(s) is the only thing standing in Euron’s way. But Dany is fighting a war on many fronts, and with the White Walkers closing in on Eastwatch, we imagine Jon Snow is making one final plea to the Mother of Dragons in the hope that she directs her gaze toward the north, where the real villain lies. “The real enemy won’t wait out the storm; he brings the storm.”

Also of note, this gallery of pics finds Tyrion rummaging through the wasteland near Highgarden, possibly contemplating the fate of his estranged brother, and Varys plotting in Dragonstone. Thanks to Melisandre’s subtle reveal, there’s a very good chance that Conleth Hill’s eunuch is actually a Red Priestess, so we’re intrigued to find out how that arc unfolds. Lastly, you’ll see a rather candid shot of Sam and Gilly in the Citadel.

Game of Thrones season 7 continues with the release of “Eastwatch” on Sunday, August 13th. Only three episodes remain of the show’s penultimate season (“Eastwatch included), and below, you’ll find a thorough breakdown of how HBO staged what is undoubtedly one of Thrones‘ most impressive sequences to date.