Game Of Thrones Season 7: Littlefinger Plots And Theon Makes Landfall In Latest Action Shots


HBO may be scrambling to respond to its recent cyber heist – word is that hackers made off with “thousands of internal company documents,” including at least one Game of Thrones script –  but its fantasy flagship marches on.

The latest episode, “The Spoils of War,” is locked in for a premiere on Sunday, August 6th on HBO – August 7th and Sky Atlantic/NOW TV for those across the pond – and on the heels of Tuesday’s tantalizing teaser, the network has now unveiled a new gallery of action shots that essentially journey across the four corners of Westeros to spotlight each of the show’s major power players.

If you’ve been keeping pace with Game of Thrones season 7, you’ll know that all of the prominent chess pieces of George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire are beginning to cross paths. And for some, the formative steps toward friendship have been fairly trying. Though the same Targaryen blood runs through their veins, Daenerys and Jon Snow didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye on last week’s “The Queen’s Justice,” where the newly-appointed King of the North sought to mine Dragonglass to mount a suitable defense against the White Walkers.

Meanwhile, down in King’s Landing, it appears Cersei Lannister has wooed the Iron Bank once more thanks to her abrupt raid on Highgarden. Yes, the Tyrells are ostensibly no more, though Olenna still managed to have the last laugh by revealing herself to be the true culprit behind Joffrey’s death.

Also included in the gallery above are close-ups of Sansa and a brooding Littlefinger in Winterfell, who may well be welcoming the return of Arya Stark. And finally, Theon Greyjoy has made landfall at Dragonstone after abandoning his sister Yara.

It is, however, worth keeping in mind that Jon Snow is still of the belief that Theon was responsible for the ‘deaths’ of Bran and Rickon long before Winterfell fell into the hands of the Boltons, so we imagine Ned Stark’s bastard is none too pleased to see his old acquaintance in the flesh after all these years.

The penultimate season of Game of Thrones continues with “The Spoils of War” on Sunday, August 6th. Will you be tuning in?