Game Of Thrones Viral Site And Teaser Hint At Arya’s Fate In Season Five

Arya Boat

Winter is coming, and that can only mean one thing; the new season of Game Of Thrones will soon be upon us. With several months to go before HBO’s fantasy series debuts its season five opener, the network are gearing up the promotion engine with some social media teases. Yesterday, the official Game Of Thrones Twitter account posted the following mysterious Tweet:

The brief ten-second teaser consists entirely of old footage from previous seasons. The scenes shown somehow connect Arya to the Three Eyed Raven, while Melisandre’s unmistakably eerie voice intones, “I see a darkness in you.”

Above the clip, the URL for a new web presence sends users over to, which reveals a new viral site urging fans to subscribe for future notifications. If you choose to submit your details, an enigmatic instant message is delivered to your inbox – “You now have the power of #TheSight. Keep watch for visions of the future.”

What could this suggest? Let’s take it at face value, and it seems to imply that if you’re happy to relinquish your e-mail deets then you could be one of the first to see a full-length trailer for season five. While this is all just guesswork, it’s probable that a trailer will hit sometime soon, as the fifth season’s premiere date is set for next spring.

Thus far, we know that the upcoming episodes will be based around George R.R. Martin’s fourth and fifth novels in the series – A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons. But the specifics on how that will be achieved are as-yet unknown. From what we understand, Bran Stark will be absent as his storyline on the show has caught up with his journey in Martin’s books. So with the young Stark lad benched, could Arya be taking centre stage on Game Of Thrones?