Game Of Thrones Fans Are Pissed At How Jon Snow Left [SPOILERS]

Game-of-Thrones-Beyond-the-Wall-Jon-Snow (1)

If Game of Thrones had social media, a Facebook campaign would no doubt have already been launched to get a certain direwolf a new owner. In Sunday’s episode, fans were already reeling after losing so much in these last few weeks. A ton of favorite characters. Arya’s virginity. They even lost their minds over not being able to see the action due to some crappy lighting. Now, we have to deal with something far, far worse.

This week, viewers had to sit and watch as Jon decided it was best that Tormund take Ghost back to the North with him. And it wasn’t even so bad that the two separated; the direwolf really would like it there a lot better than in the snow cone he was living in. It was the fact that Jon didn’t even so much as say goodbye to his good boy though. The look on the pup’s face said it all, and fans are taking to Twitter to let Jon know how they feel. Because where else would you go to scold a fictional character for his questionable decisions?

All the King of the North had to do was give his friend a pat on the head, or scratch behind the ears…something. The first reaction says it all, though. Jon is now no better than Cersei.

How can Jon please his queen if he doesn’t even have enough love in his heart for a boop on the nose?

Not many friends will lie on a cold floor beside your dead body until you come back to life, that’s for sure.

Tell us, how furious were you with the way Jon left his faithful direwolf? Sound off down below with your thoughts and remember, Game of Thrones returns next week with its penultimate episode, so he still does have some time to properly say goodbye to Ghost.