Game Of Thrones Fans Shocked After Learning Brienne’s Big Secret

Game of Thrones Brienne

We’ve survived “The Long Night” and watched Brienne become an honorable knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

And this past weekend, Game of Thrones took a moment to reflect on “The Last of the Starks” – namely Arya, Sansa, Jon and, er, Bran? – and how things stand in light of Jon and Dany’s newfound relationship. Said romance took a turn for the worse on Sunday evening, when the lovestruck duo mulled over their heritage, the Iron Throne and the immediate future of the Seven Kingdoms.

All that interpersonal drama fell onto the back-burner though once the Northern forces began marching (and sailing!) south, where they’ll meet and hopefully overthrow Queen Cersei and the Lannister forces. Doing so won’t be easy, as Lena Headey’s scheming tyrant always appears to be one step ahead (RIP Rhaegal), but there was one scene, in particular, that left fans flabbergasted during “The Last of the Starks.” And yes, it involves a certain knight of the Seven Kingdoms…

You guessed it: after much foreshadowing, Jaime and Brienne finally got together in what proved to be one of the episode’s most intimate scenes. Their passion was short-lived, though, as Jaime soon left Winterfell to reunite with Cersei – likely in a last-ditch attempt to prevent his sister from certain death. She is pregnant with their child, after all, and we imagine Euron won’t be best pleased when that bombshell inevitably drops.

Nevertheless, below you’ll see a handful of reactions to Brienne’s big secret: Before she lay with Jaime, the lady of Tarth was a virgin.

With just two episodes remaining, Game of Thrones is fast approaching its last hurrah, and by all accounts, it looks set to go out with a bang. So batten down the hatches and say farewell to those characters near and dear; as Thrones has proven time and time again, no one is safe. After all, when you play the Game of Thrones, you win, or you die…