Game Of Thrones Creators Explain Why They Chose Arya To Kill The Night King


“For, I think it’s probably three years now or something, we’ve known that it was going to be Arya who delivered that fatal blow,” says one of Game of Thrones‘ co-creators in a new behind the scenes video released by HBO today.

He’s of course talking about the young Stark’s brave and bold move against the Night King in last night’s thrilling episode of the hit fantasy series, which finally brought us the Battle of Winterfell and saw Arya defeat the aforementioned villain and turn the tide of the battle.

It was a move that no one saw coming and in the video below, Thrones co-creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss say that’s exactly why she was such a great choice for the one who would finally bring an end to the Night King. Rather than have a more obvious pick like Jon Snow do the deed. And we’ve gotta say, we definitely agree with that logic, as it was a truly great moment in an episode full of them.

So, some interesting insight there not just into that pivotal scene, but the Battle of Winterfell as a whole, which was a thrilling set piece and one of the show’s finest – even despite the fact that it was a little rough on the eyes. You know, given how dark it was and all.

With the Night King now gone and dealt with though, Game of Thrones will really begin to heat up this weekend as the final pieces are moved into place for the grand finale, which isn’t too far off and promises to be an explosive conclusion to one of television’s greatest accomplishments. In other words, don’t miss it when it airs on May 19th.

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