New Game Of Thrones Video Explains That Jon Snow And Drogon Encounter


Now that we’re just about recovered from our post-Game of Thrones season 7 hangover, HBO is keeping us engaged with a seven-part behind the scenes series titled The Game Revealed. The idea is that we’ll see interviews with cast and crew that’ll shed some light on how the most striking moments from the season came together.

The just-released clip above shows some of the thought that went into Jon Snow encountering Drogon for the first time. For those who have no idea of the significance of this meeting (uh, why are you reading this at all?), the dragon not chowing down on a Snowburger provided a huge clue that Jon’s secretly a Targaryen. His bloodline connection has been theorized by some Game of Thrones fans since the release of the books and now, to their delight, they’ve been proved entirely correct.

The consequences for the final season are huge and varied. On the plus side, it means that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne, though unfortunately it also means that he’s inadvertently just started banging his aunt Daenerys. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Either way, encounters like this one could hint that we’ll see the two team up as dragon-riders and properly bring the pain to Westeros.

Earlier videos in the series have seen explanations of the design philosophy behind the White Walkers, the choreography of Brienne and Arya’s throwdown and the intense work that went into that jaw-dropping season premiere. Only subscribers get access to the full series of The Game Revealed – you can check it out HBO On Demand, HBO Go and all manner of affiliate sites – but they’ve released the first episode for free, which you can watch on YouTube.

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