Game Of Thrones Season 6 Set Image Confirms A Huge Spoiler


Jon Snow is dead, long live Jon Stark!

Ever since those traitorous Night’s Watch men plunged their blades into their own Lord Commander in the season 5 finale, fans have wondered if there was a chance that the young bastard of Winterfell could have survived. Well, he didn’t – but that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing him again. After months of rumor and speculation, we finally have some photographic evidence that Kit Harington will be back for season 6 of Game Of Thrones.

The below pic was taken at the Belfast set , where a massive battle is reportedly about to be shot involving Jon, the Boltons, the Umbers and presumably at least some of the remaining members of the Night’s Watch. Though it’s not the clearest image, you’ll notice Harington is there, clad in House Stark colors.


Obviously we have no way of knowing exactly how Jon was brought back to the land of the living, but the safest bet is that Melisandre worked some of her Red Priestess magic and resurrected him in the belief that he’s Azor Ahai reborn. Then again, she doesn’t have the best track record with backing potential Azors.

Hopefully we’ll find out more during the buildup to the next season of Game Of Thrones, which is set to premiere early next year.


Source: CBM