Check Out The Game Of Thrones Season Finale Promo


Last night’s penultimate season 6 episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones delivered arguably the most epic, visually stunning battle sequence in television history. “The Battle of Bastards” concluded as everyone thought (well, hoped) it would, with Ramsay Bolton finally paying for his multitude of heinous acts in the most fitting way possible.

Yes, the Starks have reclaimed Winterfell and can take a well earned rest from warfare… but we still have the season finale to get through.

The promo for “The Winds of Winter” only teases us with a few brief, out of context glimpses of what’ll go down in the episode, and it’s clearly playing it very safe for fear of fans figuring out any plot spoilers. The teaser does confirm that we’ll be dropping in on several key characters, however. We’ll see the trial of Cersei and Loras, Jaime and his men feasting with the Freys (watch yourself there, Kingslayer), more from Jon and Sansa, and we’ll also return to Bran, Meera and the recently reintroduced Benjin Stark, AKA Coldhands.

This will be the very first season finale of Game of Thrones to go off-book, so not even fans of the source materiel have any idea what we’re in for. Tune in next Sunday though to find out what’s going to go down, and in the meantime, let us know how you think things are going to play out by dropping us a comment below.