Game Of Thrones Star Kit Harington Is Now Out Of Rehab


The last month has been filled with its fair share of ups and downs for Game of Thrones fans. Back in May, the series finale for HBO’s fantasy drama hit the airwaves, and while some were generally pleased with how creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss closed things out, what seems like a vocal majority of longtime viewers were very disappointed with the ending. In a show which featured dozens of characters and plotlines, it’s not entirely surprising that some narrative threads didn’t get the conclusions they deserve, but this admission doesn’t make the sting hurt any less.

For better or worse, HBO made the oft-criticized decision to shorten its final two seasons, bringing the total episode count down to 13 from 20. It’s not entirely clear what the reasoning behind this was, but fans speculated that Benioff and Weiss were eager to end the show as quickly as possible in order to focus on their upcoming Star Wars trilogy.

Needless to say, it seems some of the series’ actors weren’t entirely thrilled with how things wrapped up, either. As we previously reported, Kit Harrington checked himself into a wellness center several weeks ago, as it seems he had difficulty moving on from a role which had consumed his life for the better part of a decade.

However, it looks like the man behind Jon Snow has left the building, so to speak. As reported by, the Game of Thrones star was recently spotted out and about on the streets of North London.

Considering the aforementioned wellness center was located in Connecticut, some have speculated that he has finished his stint. Of course, there’s always the chance Kit opted to continue his treatment back at home. Either way though, we sincerely wish Kit Harington all the best, and we hope he finds success and happiness in the wake of Game of Thrones ending.

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