Game Of Thrones Star Says The Male Actors Were Given Preferential Treatment

Game-of-Thrones-Easwatch-Images-Dany-Jon (1)

The show may have drawn to a close with a reputation as an all-time great well ensured, but the postmortem on Game of Thrones nonetheless looks set to continue for a while yet. Some fans still haven’t gotten over the disappointing conclusion to the eighth and final season, with showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss facing accusations that they failed to come up with any good ideas of their own once they ran out of source material to adapt.

The backlash from a loyal and passionate fanbase reportedly played a huge part in the duo walking away from developing a Star Wars trilogy before the ink had even dried on their contract, with Benioff and Weiss unwilling to remain under such intense scrutiny from the diehards. A petition was even launched in an effort to remake the final season, something that was laughed off by several of the stars but embraced by others, with both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Charles Dance admitting that they’d sign it.

Emilia Clarke, meanwhile, has previously spoken of how she felt pressured into doing nude scenes, with co-star Carice Van Houten expressing similar thoughts, and in a recent interview, Clarke also admitted that she felt as though the male members of the cast were even given preferential treatment when everyone was fully clothed and under heavy costumes.

“The guys in the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, are wearing a woolly mammoth all the time. When we were shooting things in a hot country when they had all of those things on, they had this pump that had its own little generator attached into the costumes. They used it to pump cold water into these pipes and cool them all down so underneath they had this weird kind of cooling system. Girls weren’t allowed that. All I could get was the back of my wig to be lifted up. It’s too hard, I’ve got a wig on, they don’t make cold packs you know, you put ice packs on yourself.”

The Terminator Genisys star has always been known for her honest and outspoken nature and while Game of Thrones may be over, at least until the spinoff is released, the show’s enduring popularity means that the cast will no doubt continue lifting the lid on what it was like behind the scenes for years to come.