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Gargoyles Creator Wants To Redo The Show’s Third Season

Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman is hoping to revisit the third season of the '90s animated series and hit the hard reset button.


If you’re a ’90s kid, chances are you’re pretty familiar with Gargoyles, the animated series jam-packed with fantasy, rich characters, and a sprawling world.

Had things panned out differently, Gargoyles would have been the centerpiece of an entire Disney universe, as revealed by Polygon. But history tells us that the cult animated series ended its run in 1997 after just three seasons. Thank the heavens, then, that it’s available to stream right now on Disney+, prompting Polygon to catch up with series creator Greg Weisman for a deep-dive interview into Gargoyles, O.J. Simpson, and that less-than-stellar third season.

Speaking of which, if the opportunity presented itself, Weisman would want to go back and redo the entire third season of Gargoyles, believing it to be the weakest of the three.

I’d ignore or write around those 12 stories, and not think about them much. I guess I’d watch them all one more time, to see what problems they might or might not cause for us, since it’s been literally 24 years since those aired. But they’re very disappointing. So yeah, I have always wished they didn’t exist.

Weisman has since built up a series of impressive credits across Young Justice and Sony Pictures’ The Spectacular Spider-Man, and as a writer-producer on Star Wars Rebels. But it’s pretty clear that he still reminiscences about Gargoyles and wonders what could have been.

Asked straight-up whether he’d like to revisit the series for a potential sequel or continuation, Greg Weisman told Polygon that he wouldn’t think twice:

Gargoyles is still my baby… I’ve always wanted to do more. I’ve got a timeline for the show that’s 315 pages long. I’ve got notebooks and comp books full of ideas for it. Spin-off notions and all sorts of things. Literally, nothing would make me happier than to go back and do more Gargoyles.

Another possibility that emerged during the conversation was a live-action Gargoyles movie. It’s certainly not out of the question, and if the stars align, Weisman already has someone in mind to help launch Gargoyles onto the silver screen. And we’ll give you a clue: his directing résumé features two modern-day hits in Get Out and Us

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