Gavin O’Connor Directing The Americans For FX

Gavin O’Connor has been tapped to direct the Cold War drama pilot The Americans for FX.

O’Connor’s most recent film was Warrior, the surprisingly epic tale of a teacher who moonlights as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. The project banked on the recent string of fighting based movies including The Fighter and while it didn’t do as well as the studio had hoped, it’s a cult classic in the making and has attracted quite a bit of attention.

The Americans was created and is being executive produced by Joe Weisberg of Falling Skies along with Graham York, showrunner for FX hit Justified. The show will center around two KGB operatives posing as Americans in suburban Washington D.C. The setting is the early 1980s making this a period drama.

On an interesting side note, Weisberg is a former C.I.A. officer turned author turned T.V. writer – so it seems appropriate he would be involved in a pilot of this nature.

If this show makes it to the airwaves, will you be checking it out?