Geomancer Set To Make The Flash Quake In Mid-Season Episodes

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Superheroes sure are great, but they would be nothing without impressive villains to butt heads with. Every meta-human has their fair share of nemeses, and with good reason – what would be the point of all those powers if you couldn’t show them off for the greater good, once in a while?

The Flash – DC’s TV spinoff from its popular series Arrow – has had plenty of enemies for its lead to contend with since he first arrived onscreen in 2014, but the addition of the latest might really cause the ground to shift under his fast-moving feet. It has been announced that Adam Fells – also known as the Geomancer – is set to feature in episodes 13 and 14 of this second season of The Flash, played by Adam Stafford.


Geomancer is one of the more mysterious DC supervillains and has only a handful of comic book appearances to his name. He was first created by Geoff Johns in 1999 for the pages of JSA #5, in which he was depicted as a mercenary who was terrorizing a village in Africa. Later, he appeared as part of Injustice Society, but was then seen to be killed off. A character bearing a resemblance to Geomancer cropped up in Justice League of America #6, and in JSA All Stars #2, but he seemed to be a different person – which was never explained.

Regardless of his origin, however, the description of Geomancer as he will appear in The Flash implies that something sinister this way comes.

“A dangerous meta-human with the unique ability to create earthquakes. Intent on destroying the Flash, Geomancer uses his powers to unleash a string of targeted earthquakes, optimistic that he’ll draw out the Flash for a mano-a-mano fight to see who’s the most powerful metahuman in Central City.”

It seems that Adam Fells will be going for the title of alpha-male within the confines of Central City, and we will soon see how he fares after The Flash has returned to the CW on Tuesday 19th January 2016.