The Gifted To End This Season Or Next Because Of Disney/Fox Deal


Fox’s X-Men TV series The Gifted just wrapped up its second season with a big cliffhanger, but it seems the writing’s on the wall for the Marvel spinoff show. Fans were already worried for its future after this season suffered from lackluster ratings, but the latest intel that’s come our way points to The Gifted mostly being in danger due to the Disney/Fox deal.

As every film fan knows, the Mouse House is currently in the final stages of swallowing up one of their biggest rivals and one of the most significant outcomes of the Fox deal is that Marvel Studios will reclaim the rights to the X-Men. It hasn’t been outright confirmed at this stage, but all the signs are pointing to president Kevin Feige pulling the plug on the existing mutant franchise and rebooting the children of the atom into the MCU.

As such, The Gifted – a show that’s loosely set in the continuity of the movies – will have to go. That’s according to a source who’s told We Got This Covered that fans shouldn’t expect the series to survive past season 3, with it also very possible that it could simply end with season 2. This news follows the official announcement last month that fellow X-series Legion would also be ending after its third season.

The Gifted‘s season 2 finale saw the return of Jamie Chung as Blink, emerging from a portal onto some sort of ravaged world, asking her Mutant Underground buddies for help. It looked like the show was teasing a time travel or parallel universe plotline for the third run, but we’re unsure if this will ever be explored now.

The landscape of Marvel TV is, of course, undergoing a huge shift of late. Netflix has already wiped the slate clean of its superhero shows and Disney Plus is set to sport reams of exclusive original content courtesy of Marvel Studios. We even previously reported that Marvel wants to make several X-Men shows for the streaming service – including one for Wolverine.

Tell us, though, are you a fan of The Gifted? And if so, would you like to see it receive another season? Have your say in the comments section down below.