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Marvel Planning Several X-Men TV Shows For Disney Plus

Sources tell us that Marvel's already planning on making various X-Men TV series for the Disney Plus streaming service and is just waiting for the Disney-Fox merger to be done.


Marvel Studios seems to be embracing the opportunity to create new material for Disney’s upcoming streaming service Disney Plus with both hands. So far, we’ve heard a lot about a Loki TV seriesVision and the Scarlet Witcha spy thriller show for Winter Soldier and Falcon and many, many more. Essentially, it seems the studio’s looking for gaps in the MCU that can be filled, but it seems that execs are casting the net even further than that and are also considering developing multiple TV series based on the X-Men universe.

As every fan knows by now, the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will soon return to Marvel Studios once Disney completes its merger with Fox, and sources close to We Got This Covered tell us that Marvel’s already tossing around potential ideas for X-Men-related series to go up on Disney Plus. Obviously, it’s too early for anything official to happen and apparently, they’re parking these ideas until they can move forward with them once the deal goes through.

It’s unclear what this means right now for the duo of X-Men TV series currently on the air: Fox’s The Gifted and FX’s Legion. It’s understood that Disney’s buyout will include the purchase of the Fox network though, meaning the former could be at risk. However, FX is expected to fall outside the purchase, which means that Legion might escape the influence of Disney and be able to run its course naturally.

Whatever happens to these shows, it sounds like Marvel isn’t going to let the potential of the X-Men franchise go to waste. In fact, it looks like they’re going to expand it much like Fox themselves were going to do before the Disney deal occurred. Maybe we’ll even see some of the studio’s now-defunct projects morph into Disney Plus TV shows. For instance, the Kitty Pryde, Multiple Man or X-23 movies.

We’ll keep you posted if and when more on Marvel’s plans for the X-Men franchise come to light, but in the meantime, let us know which characters and properties you think would make great television series in the comments section down below.

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