Loki TV Show Will Reportedly Feature A Young Thor


A glut of new rumors about the various Marvel series due to arrive on Disney Plus has come our way via 4Chan. As ever, we should take this info with a hefty pinch of salt, but in regards to the details about the Loki show at least, what we’re hearing actually lines up with some other stuff we’ve been told, so this scoop might just be on the money.

From what we understand, the series will focus on a young Loki during his youthful days on Asgard. This fits in with what we’ve previously heard about Tom Hiddleston only narrating the show and not actually appearing in it. Fans have theorized that the set-up might be that Loki’s relaying his life story from Hel, the underworld, where he went after being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, though that remains unconfirmed.

Apparently, despite his important role in his sons’ lives, we shouldn’t expect Odin to make a physical appearance, but Anthony Hopkins may provide a vocal cameo instead. There is a possibility, however, that a young Thor may appear alongside his trickster brother. It doesn’t sound like the God of Thunder will have a large role though and going by the limited screentime for both him and Odin, it seems that the series will mostly be about the God of Mischief’s life away from his family.

The villains of the tale, meanwhile, are said to be Karnilla, an Asgardian sorceress known for allying herself with Loki in the comics, and Ulik, a rock troll. Karnilla’s the Queen of Normheim in Norse – and Marvel – mythology, so it could be that much of the Loki series will take place on that planet, one of the Nine Realms governed by Asgard but one we haven’t yet visited on the big screen.

Again, we advise taking this all with a pinch of salt, but tell us, do these new details about the Loki series have you excited? Or would you rather a show with Hiddleston as the star? Have your say in the comments section down below.

Source: MCU Cosmic