Gillian Jacobs Snags Part On HBO’s Girls


For Greendale Human Beings across the world, the pain of losing Community is still very fresh, and all of us are still holding out hope that a company like Hulu Plus or Netflix will pick it up and order the show’s long-awaited sixth season. But until that happens, at least we won’t have to go without seeing some of the cult comedy’s stars in other places. Donald Glover has a show called Atlanta in the works over at FX, Joel McHale will appear in Blended and this summer’s Deliver Us From Evil, Alison Brie is starring in a fall comedy called Search Party, and now Gillian Jacobs has lined up her next gig.

The actress, who played Britta Perry on Community, will recur on the fourth season of HBO’s Girls, according to TVLine. She’ll play Mimi-Rose Howard, a character who makes her first appearance in the fifth episode of the season – appropriately titled “Mimi-Rose.”

No word yet on the character’s backstory or how she relates to the series lead Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham), but Girls last saw its troubled protagonist gaining admittance to the prestigious University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop, so it’s entirely possible that Mimi-Rose will be a member of that group.

Other possibilities abound, considering the series features an ensemble cast of characters in their mid-twenties all dealing with different challenges in their lives. Jacobs’ character could enter into storylines for Marnie (Alison Williams), Jessa (Jemima Kirke), Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), Adam (Adam Driver) or Ray (Alex Karpovsky), depending on where the upcoming season finds each of them.

Regardless of how she factors in, Jacobs is a terrific addition to any show and, though her time on Girls will hopefully not delay a Community revival, it’s exciting to see that the actress is already returning to the small screen.

Source: TV Line