Gleeks everywhere mourn as ‘Glee’ leaves Netflix

It’s been six years since the popular musical dramedy series Glee came to an end and its fanbase has remained consistent ever since. A big part of Glee’s continued success is thanks to streaming, however, with a change coming later today the Gleek’s are not happy.

Tomorrow on Dec. 1, Glee will no longer be available to stream on Netflix in the US, and as you’d expect fans are not happy. Netflix has been the longtime home to all six seasons of the show, however, the only place to steam the series now will be Prime Video.

This should be good news to fans as there is still a streaming home for this content but as you’d expect given how common a Netflix subscription is having it stripped from the service has caused quite the upset. Here are some of the reactions from fans as Glee concludes its final day on Netflix.

It’s unclear why Glee has been removed from Netflix after all this time. It is always going to have a huge fanbase that just wants to check out all the episodes of the series on Netflix but for now, that won’t be possible. Like all other TV and movies, Glee could perhaps come back to Netflix in the future or be picked up by another streaming outlet other than Prime Video.

If you don’t have a Prime Video subscription and still want to watch Glee then you can always purchase episodes or the entire series digitally.