Godspeed Returns In New Flash Season 6 Set Photo


The Flash introduced one of the most prominent new villains from recent Scarlet Speedster comics into the Arrowverse last year in the form of Godspeed. Despite his popularity though, the foe has only appeared twice on the show to date. His third appearance is on its way, however, with set pics revealing that The CW series is currently working on a new Godspeed episode.

The following image, courtesy of Canadagraphs, proves that the white-suited wicked speedster is returning to terrorize Team Flash and Central City yet again. It’s believed that episode 18 of season 6 is currently being shot, so it’s neat that Godspeed is returning here as he made his debut in episode 18 of season 5.

In season 5, Godspeed was established as coming to prominence in 2049, but Nora West-Allen AKA XS was able to defeat him. Presumably, in the current timeline in which she doesn’t exist, August Heart was never beaten and became a dangerous threat. This was teased at the beginning of season 6, with the first episode seeing multiple copies of Godspeed appearing in the present-day. It then ended with the wider mystery of who was behind it still unsolved.

Other set photos have showcased a different person in the suit aside from either stunt performer Ryan Handley or August Heart actor Kindall Charters, though. It’s currently unclear if this means there’s simply someone other than Handley handling the stunts or if a different version of Heart or Godspeed will be introduced, but it’s possible that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has resulted in the character being completely rewritten. This could even result in the villain being reimagined as closer to his comic book counterpart.

In season 5, Godspeed was much more like Zoom, with his obsession with gaining speed through Velocity-9. In the comics, though, he’s a colleague of Barry Allen’s at the CCPD who becomes a murderous vigilante, killing criminals that escape justice. He eventually morphs into an anti-hero, too, so there’s lots to explore with August on-screen.

In any case, The Flash season 6 continues tomorrow night on The CW and once we learn more about what’s in store for Godspeed, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Canadagraphs