How Good Omens’ Finale Sets Up A Second Season


As it’s based on a single novel, Good Omens is being marketed as a six-part one-off event by Amazon Prime, with showrunner Neil Gaiman – who also co-wrote the book with the late Terry Pratchett – repeatedly confirming that he has no current plans to make a second season. However, as the show has gone down so well with viewers, fans are desperately hoping he’ll change his mind at some point.

It may be possible, too, as the finale certainly teases that there could be an even bigger threat to the world than the events of the first season. After the apocalypse is averted thanks to Adam the Antichrist using his reality-warping powers to send Benedict Cumberbatch’s Satan back to Hell, Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant) later reflect on the situation while chatting on a London park bench.

Crowley comments that he doesn’t think that was the real Armageddon. The actual end of the world, he believes, will happen when the forces of Heaven and Hell decide to join together and go to war against humanity themselves. That sounds like a great premise for a second season if there ever was one. After all, the show ends with the angels and demons eager to go into battle.

Gaiman has opened up in the past that he and Pratchett always planned to do a follow-up novel, humorously titled 668: The Neighbour of the Beast. Many of the ideas the pair had for the sequel, however, were already used in the translation to TV. For instance, the increased role for Gabriel and the angels.

An imaginative writer like Gaiman can no doubt be called on to create new plotlines and ideas if he did wish to do more, though. And, judging by the reception, Amazon would likely be keen to continue on with a second season of Good Omens. We’d certainly watch it.