Neil Gaiman Plays Down The Chances Of A Good Omens Spinoff


Good Omens has been a smash success for Amazon Prime – and the BBC, who co-produced – with the apocalyptic comedy-drama seeing a lot of attention and critical praise since its release on the streaming service last Friday. Naturally, fans are already calling for a second season.

However, showrunner Neil Gaiman has been adamant that he has no plans for a follow-up run at this time. After all, it is a close adaptation – though with a few key additions – of the single novel he co-wrote with the late Sir Terry Pratchett. But what about the chances of a spinoff instead?

Good Omens is blessed with a cast full of A-listers playing a range of hilarious, scene-stealing characters. So, what about a solo show for, say, Jon Hamm’s Gabriel and the other archangels? Or the adventures of Adam the Antichrist? Does Gaiman have any ideas like this up his sleeve?

Sadly, but understandably, the answer is a firm no. When asked this by Metro UK, Gaiman explained that he doesn’t want to even think about continuing the world of Good Omens in any way at the moment as he hopes the series stands on its own as a “six hour movie.”

“I think even talking about a sequel is wrong in some ways because the way I want people to see Good Omens isn’t, ‘Ah it’s the first season of Good Omens.’ I want them to see Good Omens and get the idea that basically what we set out to make is a six hour long movie.”

Exec producer Rob Wilkins concurred with Gaiman’s comments, adding that the team is “very proud” that Good Omens is a complete story.

“We’re very proud that Good Omens has a beginning, a middle and an end. Good Omens is Good Omens, if you love the book you’ll love it because of that. If you’ve never read the book, you’ll love it because of that.”

Good Omens, starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant as an angel and demon trying to avert Armageddon, is available now in its entirety on Amazon Prime. Don’t miss it.

Source: Metro UK