Good Omens Season 2 Has Officially Started Production

Photo via Amazon

This summer delivered the news that Good Omens fans had been waiting for ⁠— a second season was officially on the way. Though the supernatural comedy-drama was a smash-hit for Amazon back in 2019, a sophomore run wasn’t a given seeing as the first six episodes neatly adapted the entire novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman and the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett.

Thankfully, Gaiman ⁠— who also serves as showrunner ⁠— was able to come up with a fresh story, based on ideas he and Pratchett had for a sequel book they never got to write. Now here we are, with Good Omens entering production this Monday, October 18th. Gaiman confirmed the news on Twitter with a fun set photo.

The Coraline writer revealed that the studio exit door now sports a quote from Michael Sheen’s adorable angel Aziraphale to demonic best buddy Crowley (David Tennant) from season 1 ⁠— “Get thee behind me, foul fiend… After you.”

Just as fans would hope, both Sheen and Tennant are back as Aziraphale and Crowley in season 2, which begins with the duo being visited by an amnesiac angel. While season 1 detailed the origins of the Earth and humanity, season 2 will reveal the origins of the angels. Gaiman is co-showrunner this time alongside director Douglas McKinnon, who helmed the whole first season, as well.

Production on Good Omens season 2 is taking place in Scotland right now. No further casting details have been announced as yet, but maybe we’ll get some soon. A release date sometime in 2022 seems likely.