Gossip Girl Reboot To Air More Episodes This Month

Any fans of the Upper East Side Drama reboot of The CW’s Gossip Girl, get excited because part two is coming soon! HBOvMax tweeted a teaser of all of its shows and movies coming out this month, and the Gossip Girl Reboot was one of them.

Not only is Gossip Girl returning in November for the second half of the first season, but according to another tweet from gossipgirlfile, the premiere will be on the 25th aka Thanksgiving. Given that it’s already been confirmed that the premiere will be the Thanksgiving episode, we can assume there’s going to be plenty of drama. Fans of the original series will remember the iconic episodes centered around holidays, none more so than Thanksgiving.

In the final season of the original show, Dan even explains how chaotic Upper East Side Thanksgivings can be, “Given our track record with Thanksgivings, it might be kind of risky. Divorces have been filed, affairs revealed—” and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Gossip Girl reboot is a bit spicier than the original, so the many imaginations must already be swirling with ideas about what could possibly come from a premiere on Thanksgiving. There were plenty of cliffhangers after the midseason finale back in July, and it’s going to keep fans, and those who aren’t sure yet, coming back to find out what has happened between then and Thanksgiving.

Any guesses as to what our new favorite characters have been up to? Let us know what kind of drama you think will surface in the Thanksgiving premiere!