Gotham Adds Sons Of Anarchy’s Tommy Flanagan In Villainous Role



Fox’s Batman prequel series has added yet another bad guy to the mix, as Tommy Flanagan (best known for his role as Chibs in TV’s Sons Of Anarchy) has joined the cast of Gotham as a character known as The Knife.

As you may have guessed from the name, this is a violent individual. The Knife is a contract killer to be exact, who doesn’t seem to be an established DC Comics villain and was most likely created just for the series. Flanagan actually confirmed that he’d be joining the show early last month, but who he’ll be playing only came to light when did some digging.

Here’s how they describe this character:

The Knife is one of Gotham’s most dangerous denizens. His charming, stylish shell and good humor mask a remorseless hitman whose skills are at the service of the highest bidder. He will sit with you, laugh with you, and then cut your throat.

Flanagan will make his debut in the tenth episode of the second season of Gotham, which continues tonight on Fox.