Gotham Casts Alice Tetch, Reveals Mysterious New Character


With Jervis Tetch/The Mad Hatter joining the cast of Gotham, it would only make sense that the show’s producers complement him with an Alice to feed his own unique brand of madness. But here’s the catch: Instead of Jervis stalking a woman who unfortunately strikes his fancy, Alice happens to be his sister in the case. And, yes, that is actually her first name.

Set to be played by Naian Gonzalez Norvind, Alice Tetch is described as follows, per Variety:

Set to debut in the third episode of Season 3, Alice was born with a powerful ability that she cannot control — an ability her brother believes is a gift, but that she has always seen as a curse. As such, she has spent much of her life alone, running from her brother — who will stop at nothing to be reunited in hopes of unleashing her gift on the world.

Although the show’s creative minds are likely developing an original character, the description given vaguely reminds me of the Royal Flush Gang’s Ace as seen on Justice League Unlimited, particularly the classic episode, “Epilogue.” Said young lady had reality altering powers and Batman was able to convince her to stop using them before her untimely death. I doubt that Alice will be so powerful, but you never know.

In other Gotham news, Coming Soon has spotted Kieran Mulcare of Marvel’s Jessica Jones fame (pictured below) on the set as a yet-to-be identified character. His pale white appearance is causing some to speculate that he is playing a proto-version of Solomon Grundy, a character we know will appear this season.

That theory may actually pan out because Grundy, who is actually a zombie, was known as Cyrus Gold in life, a man of affluence. His attire certainly fits that description, too.

Sure, Arrow kind of beat them to the punch with their own version of Cyrus Gold, but he was more so an enforcer for Brother Blood, whereas Gotham may elect to go in a more fantastical direction.

Gotham returns for its third season on Monday, September 19 on Fox.

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