Gotham Midseason Premiere Synopsis Teases Jerome’s Return


Ever since the character of Jerome (Shameless actor Cameron Monaghan) was introduced back in season 2 of Gotham, it was foreshadowed that he would one day become Batman’s most iconic nemesis, the Joker. Indeed, the showrunners played this up, and Jerome definitely exhibited some very Joker-like personality traits – but it is a little difficult to achieve Clown Prince of Crime status when you’re six feet under.

Yes, Jerome met his end later that season at the hands of Theo Galavan, and although much of the promotion for the second half of season 3 has hinted at his return, we were in the dark as to how exactly that would be achieved… until now, that is.

Here’s the synopsis for January’s midseason premiere of Gotham, titled “Ghosts.”

Cameron Monaghan and Paul Reubens Return

Falcone places a hit on Gordon after learning that he shot Mario. Gordon and Bullock discover a follower of Jerome (guest star Cameron Monaghan), who plans to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Penguin spirals out of control before the biggest television interview of his Mayoral career, and Bruce and Selina deal with Selina’s mom’s return to Gotham.

So, it seems one of Jerome’s dedicated disciples will be the one to resurrect him – though something tells me he’ll be seeking Hugo Strange’s help to accomplish this. The synopsis also confirms the return of Penguin’s father, who was played by Paul Reubens before being bumped off. However, Given Oswald’s mental state, this will most likely be in the form of a dream sequence or hallucination of some kind.

Tell us, do you think Jerome will ultimately become the Joker, or has all of this been a gigantic red herring? Let us know below, and be sure to tune in when Gotham returns on Monday, January 16th on FOX.