Gotham Producer Teases Time Jump For Season 5


With the season 4 finale of Gotham leaving Bruce Wayne’s home city a “No Man’s Land,” it looks like there’ll be some major changes to come in next year’s fifth and final season of the Batman prequel show.

One theory that’s doing the rounds is that the new run will make use of a time jump. And, according to a key figure behind the scenes, the fans might be on to something. spoke to Gotham executive producer John Stephens recently and ran the time jump theory past him. He didn’t confirm or deny the idea, but he wouldn’t rule it out, either, and made clear that it wasn’t a totally outlandish notion.

“I would say that’s possible,” Stephens told the outlet, before adding, apparently with a chuckle, “I would say that’s not a crazy theory.”

Stephens’ response is fairly vague, but it does sound like this is an area that the Gotham writing team are at least considering going down in season 5. It would make sense, too. Now that they know this will be it for the show, the final run will have to deliver everything fans want to see from the series, most likely bringing the story of the characters right up to the brink of Batman’s arrival.

Speaking of which, we recently learned that season 5 would draw inspiration from the comic book arc “Zero Year,” which explores the Dark Knight’s earliest days as a crime-fighting vigilante. Seeing as season 4 already saw the young Master Wayne step ever closer to donning the cowl, it makes sense that this storyline would be a perfect fit for Gotham‘s last run. It also sounds like the show will adapt the prominent role for the Riddler in the comic, meaning we can look forward to Edward Nygma stepping up as a central villain next year.

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