Gotham Season 4 Will See Bruce Wayne Find Himself In Jim Gordon’s Crosshairs


While one of the core themes of Gotham is undoubtedly that of Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman, it’s important we not forget that it’s Ben McKenzie, not David Mazouz, who gets top billing on the prequel series. As such, it’s only understandable that we follow the exploits of Jim Gordon for a good amount of time.

Since the very beginning, the man destined to become the metropolis’ top cop has had quite the interesting relationship with the Penguin, to put it mildly. Yes, they’ve each gotten each other out of some jams – in some morally questionable ways, I might add – but it’s undeniable that Gordon has held up his end quite begrudgingly, likely hoping to see Oswald Cobblepot permanently take up residence in a place such as Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Prison.

When recently speaking with DC All Access, executive producer John Stephens said that Jim and new love interest Sofia Falcone will be working in tandem to take down the “King of Gotham” – before spilling some other delicious beans:

“In the first half of the season this year, Jim Gordon is going to try to loosen Penguin’s hold upon Gotham. He does that by forming an alliance with Sofia Falcone, who Crystal Reed is playing, and the two of them work together to basically try to dethrone Penguin. At the same time, Bruce Wayne is going to go out there and start operating as a vigilante wearing a mask… And then moving forward after that, Jim Gordon will realize that this vigilante is operating out there in Gotham somewhere and he goes ‘I’m going to hunt that guy down’ and we have Jim Gordon and a masked Bruce Wayne going head to head.”

Needless to say, that statement aligns with what we’ve been hearing to this point, particularly that the latter half of season 4 will be largely inspired by Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One. So, if you’re familiar with either the comic book or animated movie, then you’d know Gordon didn’t think the burgeoning Dark Knight was a force for good at first and did what he could to pursue him. Thus, we’re fully expecting a rivalry of sorts to develop before long.

Gotham returns for its fourth season on Thursday, September 21 on Fox.