New Gotham Season 5 Photos Reveal Bruce’s Proto-Batman Armor


Gotham is reaching its end with the 10-part fifth season and you know what that means – Batman’s finally coming to the FOX prequel series. Bruce Wayne’s destiny as the Dark Knight has been hinted in myriad ways over the past few seasons, including a spectral vision of the Bat during a hallucination in season 4, but it’s been confirmed 100% that he’ll suit up as the caped crusader in the series finale.

While filming hasn’t progressed to that episode just yet, the latest photos from the set reveal that young Master Bruce will don a proto-version of Batman’s armor at an earlier point in the season. You can check out the awesome images below, one of which sees David Mazouz together with a bunch of the other cast members, decked out in an armored vest and dark trench coat.

It seems that episode 9, which is currently going before the cameras, will see Bruce team up with some loyal friends like Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Lee Thompkins (Morena Baccarin), and some unlikely allies such as Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and Riddler (Cory Michael Smith). Perhaps this strange union will come about to stop Shane West’s Bane, or even Cameron Monaghan’s Jeremiah?

Showrunner John Stephens previously revealed that the series finale would jump forward 10 years, hence how it’s able to show the proper Batman. It’s unknown if Mazouz will play the older Wayne as well, but we’ve been told to expect a bat-suit that’s akin to Christian Bale’s version in The Dark Knight Rises. Going by Oswald Cobblepot’s nasty injury in the photo above, we’d put money on the Penguin gaining his classic monocle in the finale, too. Oh, and surely a mustachioed Gordon is also on the way.

Gotham season 5 will achieve everything fans have been waiting five years to see, according to McKenzie, and we look forward to seeing how right he is about that when it returns to FOX in January.