Gotham Star Confirms Season 5 Will Consist Of 10 Episodes


Though we’ll unfortunately have to wait until 2019 for Gotham‘s fifth and final season to premiere, we’ve already been teased a generous amount regarding what the final leg of the journey has in store. To date, it’s been said Bruce Wayne will take up the mantle of Batman in the end, in addition to villains such as Scarface and Mother showing up.

In most cases, TV shows receive a 13-episode order when it comes to truncated seasons, something that’d previously been reported when it comes to Gotham‘s final chapter. But, unfortunately, it looks like Fox wasn’t in too much of a giving mood when plotting out their 2018-19 broadcast schedule – at least for this prequel series, that is.

Here’s what actress Camren Bicondova had to say regarding the ongoing situation in a recent Instagram live stream:

“Gotham Season 5 is happening. We were picked up for 10 episodes, and I believe it will be airing in the U.S. January 2019.”

Again, I’ll stress that 10 episodes is better than nothing, but I was really hoping for 13. On the plus side, it leaves little room for filler and allows for the writers to craft a tightly written story adapting Zero Year, which the comic book readers among you will remember as being Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reimagining of the Dark Knight’s earliest of days under the cowl.

It’s also worth mentioning that pointed out how this would bring the series’ total episode tally to 98, thus causing it to fall two short of the 100 milestone. If that’s the case, the show may very well wind up being ineligible for syndication.

If there’s one thing that the woman playing a young Selina Kyle said that can be taken as a positive, it’s that Gotham will likely return in January of 2019, as I was crossing my fingers for the premiere to debut no later than that. Of course, season 4 will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD later this summer, but that won’t exactly sate the desire for new material.

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