Gotham Star Hints At The True Joker’s Arrival In Season 5


With Gotham having only one more season remaining, checking off that “Joker” box is chief among those yet to be achieved. I mean, we’ve had Cameron Monaghan play two distinctly different characters similar to the Clown Prince of Crime – Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska – but we received confirmation not long ago that the latter is, in fact, not the genuine article.

I know, it’s frustrating: Why go through the effort to kill off Jerome, introduce his twin brother, and then discolor his skin and dress him up in purple, only to say he’s not the real deal? My gut still tells me that a higher power (WB studio execs) intervened, but we can’t be too sure.

Only adding to the confusion now is the following tease offered by the young Bruce Wayne himself, David Mazouz:

“Bruce is going to have that realization this year, he’s going to have that moment, and he’s gonna also show down with some of the villains that we know. Some of the big names. And one of those names might start with a ‘J.'”

If this were to pan out, the best way to go would be to just flat-out refer to Jeremiah as “the Joker” at some point. To keep rolling out these knaves one after another will only confuse viewers, so let’s hope things don’t get too convoluted. Still, it wouldn’t be far off from Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s upcoming Batman: Three Jokers comic book miniseries, although it’d likely be explored in a much different manner.

What this means for Gotham‘s future is anybody’s guess at this point, but it gives us even more incentive to see how the final 10 episodes pan out. Don’t forget, the real Harley Quinn has also been teased for season 5, so we may be in for a genuine treat.