Gotham EP Teases Harley Quinn As A Possible Love Interest For Jeremiah


If you’ve been watching Gotham from the start and have kept up with news pertaining to the Batman prequel series, then you may remember all of the back-and-forth regarding Harley Quinn possibly showing up in season 3. At the time, we expected for the Barbara Kean character to become this show’s version of the Clown Princess of Crime, but it ultimately wasn’t meant to be.

Since then, the very notion of Harley putting in an appearance has been shot down, perhaps in an effort not to step on the toes of anything Margot Robbie is working on in WB’s motion picture division. Still, executive producer John Stephens is willing to wave the juiciest of steaks in front of our faces.

You see, in this year’s edition of TV Guide’s Comic-Con Special, Stephens was asked by the publication what comic book nods await us in season 5, to which they revealed, “he does let slip that a planned love interest for the Joker-ish Jeremiah ‘may be’ the show’s long-expected version of Harley Quinn.”

As you know, Jeremiah Valeska, despite all the buildup and resemblance to the Dark Knight’s greatest foe, is actually not the definitive Joker that’ll one day terrorize the city. My best guess is that red tape separating TV and movie divisions is the cause of this, but maybe the producers were finally able to get their hands on Harley – or Stephens is just relying on hyperbole.

In fact, there’s already been some development in this regard because, if you’ll recall, his henchgirl known as Echo sported a Harlequin-esque appearance late in season 4. But when you factor in the wording of “a planned love interest,” it does sound like we’re to expect a different gal entirely.

Either way, Gotham viewers are warned by Stephens that Jeremiah remains in the shadows “like a bogeyman,” so expect to see much more of him when season 5 picks up in 2019.