New Gotham Trailer Reveals Midseason Premiere Date


Aside from the fact that I’ve really been enjoying the current season of Gotham, there were a couple of things that helped make the midseason hiatus hard to endure. For one, the midseason finale’s cliffhanger featured the return of Jerome Valeska and, if that weren’t enough, we weren’t even given a date for when to expect the show to be back on our screens! To be honest, I feared it wouldn’t resume until April, as was the case last year.

Thankfully though, the wait will be a bit shorter, as a newly released promo titled “You Have No Idea” has revealed Gotham‘s return to be on Thursday, March 1. That’s still a bit far off, but on the plus side, it’s remaining on the same night, putting to bed any fears of a move to the Friday Night Death Slot.

Anyways, in this particular video package, the aforementioned Jerome is prominently featured, further teasing the Joker coming to town. But despite all the assurance that he’s not the Clown Prince of Crime we’ll come to know, we’re not so sure, as we may have blown the lid off that entire situation.

Also on display is Bruce Wayne seemingly ready to stop being all up in da club seven nights out of the week and about to resume his destiny as a crime fighter. In fact, the more observant among you might be able to pick out what could be the new spin on an iconic Batman moment that’s been teased.

Finally, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Peyton List’s debut as the third iteration of Poison Ivy and a Ra’s al Ghul that’s once again among the living. They hadn’t yet removed Alexander Siddig’s name from the opening credits, so did you really think his stay in the titular city was over?

Be sure to catch Gotham when it returns to Fox on March 1st.