Gotham’s David Mazouz Wants His Bruce Wayne To Meet A Young Clark Kent


Although Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have satisfied each and every moviegoer, there aren’t many superhero duos other than the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel that both diehard geeks and everyday folk enjoy seeing team up more. And aside from also having a meeting with the Flash on his wishlist, it seems like Gotham‘s David Mazouz shares this sentiment.

He obviously knows that he wouldn’t be able to take part in a team-up in the truest sense, but what Mazouz does hope to see is for the two icons to meet up before they ever don their costumes, as he recently told the following to Movie Pilot:

“I’d love for Bruce to interact with a young Clark Kent. Batman V Superman sets up Gotham and Metropolis to be twin cities kind of across the bay. If that’s the case, then Clark Kent could take a boat across the bay and visit Gotham. I think that would be really cool.”

Now, some of you may scoff at such a thing, but the two have met as youths in the comics. One example that immediately springs to mind is that of a brief story put together by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale for Superman/Batman that saw Alfred taking Bruce on a road trip following the Waynes’ murders, with their car making a brief stop in Smallville.

Getting back to Mazouz, it quickly becomes apparent that he’s a realist and knows about all the red tape involved. Still, he remains optimistic that it could happen one day.

“I’m sure it would obviously be a nightmare with licensing and such — which is really annoying, I don’t know why they can’t just let us have our fun — but I think that could be a really cool interaction between the two of them and maybe, hopefully, it could happen before the show ends…. let’s make it happen!”

Quite frankly, we don’t think such a thing is entirely impossible, but with the Big Blue Boy Scout already having put in appearances on Supergirl and with Krypton making its way to SyFy, WB may not want to spread the Superman brand too thin by having him show up on Gotham as well, no matter in what capacity.

Source: Movie Pilot

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