Gotham’s No Man’s Land Will Differ From What We Saw In The Comics


From the beginning, you’ve been presented with a choice: Either you accept Gotham for all the changes it’s made to the Batman mythos or you don’t. Personally, I’ve grown to embrace it because I’ve found the show to be highly addictive.

To cite a recent example, we’ve had the Jeremiah Valeska situation to deal with as of late. Normally, I pride myself on at least being in the neighborhood of what’ll actually happen whenever I make predictions, but I’ve been strangely and pleasantly surprised to be incorrect when it comes to the currently unfolding Joker origin arc. In other words, I’m eating up all the twists and turns the writers have been throwing at us in the past few weeks.

In fact, we should expect for Jeremiah to factor heavily into how the series’ landscape will change in the very near future – literally and figuratively. I say that because Gotham will soon adapt the classic No Man’s Land story from the comics, but with a bit of a twist.

You see, while the great calamity was caused by an earthquake in the comics, thus causing the government to leave the city to its own devices, a much different catastrophe looks to be at play here.

As you may recall, the network allowed a clip to circulate earlier this week far in advance of the episode it was actually excised from, that being next Thursday’s “A Dark Knight: One Bad Day.” Still, we were given our first inkling of what’s to come.

But after viewing last night’s offering, “A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse,” we’re able to put it in greater context as we’ve now learned how truly calculating and dangerous Jeremiah is – and that he’s going to be much, much worse than his late brother, Jerome.

Having developed some cutting edge generators for Wayne Industries, the burgeoning Clown Prince of Crime – accompanied by Echo, someone who’s adopting a Harley Quinn-esque appearance – was seen to be liberating a good amount of them. Thus, he’ll be repurposing them as bombs to place all around the city, which one can only assume will lead to this new interpretation of No Man’s Land.

Let it be known that only two episodes of Gotham remain this season, so be sure to tune in to Fox on Thursday nights to see how everything ends up playing out.