Green Arrow And The Canaries Stars Are Unsure About The Spinoff’s Fate


Arrow wrapped up for good earlier this year, with the finale’s funeral for Oliver Queen making sure it ended in the most conclusive fashion. However, a way for the Emerald Archer’s legacy to continue was established in the show’s penultimate episode, which acted as a backdoor pilot for potential spinoff Green Arrow and the CanariesThe outing was a smash in the ratings, and fan reception was positive. But The CW still has yet to greenlight the project.

Things were already quiet on that front, and then the shutdown of the TV industry occurred, throwing even more doubt on the series’ fate. Two of its stars have recently been asked about the future of Green Arrow though and they had slightly different answers, but the bottom line is that they know about as much as us right now.

First of all, Katie Cassidy – who would reprise Earth-2 Laurel in the spinoff – told TV Line that she was hoping to maintain a positive attitude about it, as she feels like it be would such a timely show.

“I don’t know, honestly,” said Cassidy. “I’m a very positive person, so I feel confident that we’ll go [to series.] If there was ever a time for a three-hander, all-female badass show, now is the time! So I’m not worried. I’m feeling pretty good about it.”

Series lead Katherine McNamara – who would star as Mia Queen AKA the new Green Arrow, operating in 2040 Star City – was also asked the same question by McNamara seemed less sure than Cassidy, providing us with a bit more concrete info. A final decision was supposed to be made next month, but that’s likely not the case anymore.

“I have no idea. I just asked the other day and because of the state of the world and everything that’s going on everything has kind of changed,” the actress said. “Upfronts have been canceled, nobody knows what’s going on. We weren’t supposed to know until May anyway and now at this point, who knows when decisions are going to be made.”

Conversely, another new Arrowverse show is in a much more positive state. Superman & Lois was already ordered to series, so the COVID-19 pandemic affecting pilot season won’t do it any damage. Production will hopefully begin later this year on the first season as normal.

But will The CW want to add another arrow to their crowded DC quiver in the form of Green Arrow and the CanariesIt would be a big blow to fans if it doesn’t get picked up, but let’s just keep hoping for now.