Is Green Lantern Heading To The Flash Or Arrow Next Season?

DC Green lantern

Both Arrow and The Flash have long teased the existence of Green Lantern within their shared universe via the occasional Ferris Air reference. Ferris Air is, of course, the airline that Carol Ferris owns and operates, and is the employer of none other than Green Lantern Hal Jordan. While the occasional throwaway Easter egg has been nothing more than a fun bit of fan service over the last few years, The Flash kicked things up a notch this week and threw the rumor mill into high gear when it delivered the biggest Hal Jordan clue yet.

During the penultimate episode of the season, “Rogue Air,” Barry states that Ferris Air was forced to shut down after losing a test pilot. Comic book readers know that that pilot is none other than Hal Jordan, who disappeared after gaining Abin Sur’s power ring and was taken to the planet Oa to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Fans have long theorized that David Ramsey’s John Diggle could become the John Stewart Green Lantern on Arrow, but the actor and producers of the show have denied the possibility time and again. With that off the table, one way to introduce Green Lantern into the CW/DC universe is to give us Jordan, who has a long history of teaming up with Green Arrow in the comics.

Green Lantern may be coming to the big screen with the rest of the Justice League, but rumors state that he may not show up until Justice League: Part 2 in 2019. Furthermore, his solo outing won’t arrive until 202o, meaning that Arrow and The Flash could easily use the character sooner without the risk of confusing general audiences. Add in the fact that Barry Allen is on TV at the same time that Ezra Miller has been cast as the big screen version of The Flash, and there’s nothing to say that Hal Jordan can’t be given the similar treatment and wind up on the CW before teaming up with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the League on film.

Of course, we have yet to hear any word that this is happening, though Stephen Amell has confirmed that we’ll be seeing more of Hal Jordan’s hometown of Coast City when Arrow returns for its fourth season. Of all the cities in the DC pantheon, why go there if you aren’t going to bring in Hal Jordan at some point?

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