Are We Going To See Green Lantern In Season 4 Of Arrow?


Throughout the course of Arrow‘s third season and The Flash‘s first, there were numerous references to Hal Jordan. That included Ferris Air mentions, talk of a missing test pilot, and Oliver Queen heading of to Coast City in the finale’s flashbacks. All of that obviously led to fans assuming that Hal might show up in season four (possibly setting up a Green Lantern TV series), but as of right now, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim continues to deny that we’re going to see the character in the series, but has now dropped a very interesting hint about some Easter Eggs which point to Hal’s existence.


“There is a nod or two,” he admitted in a recent interview. “There is a billboard that people will get a kick out of, and there may or may not be a ring in the season premiere.”

Many believe that Guggenheim is referring to an engagement ring which Oliver will obviously use to propose to Felicity, but it still seems likely that Hal is going to make some sort of appearance down the line. After all, why else would both Arrow and The Flash drop such big Easter Eggs and why choose Coast City of all places for Oliver to visit?

Tell us, do you think the future Green Arrow will meet up with a certain test pilot destined to become Green Lantern at some point in season four? Sound off below!

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