‘Green Lantern’ series is still moving forward, but DC fans refuse to get hopes up

justice league green lantern featured

Following the news that HBO Max’s planned Green Lantern series would still be moving forward amidst massive cuts for the streaming service, fans are decidedly trying not to get their hopes up.

With the newly minted Warner Bros. Discovery, and its new CEO David Zaslav at the helm, the media company axed the near-complete Batgirl for HBO Max, among other properties.

Despite some rumors the Green Lantern show would be next on the chopping block, that has not panned out to be true. Andy Behbakht, an entertainment journalist, wrote in a Twitter post last week that he confirmed with HBO Max and Warner Bros. that the Green Lantern show was still a-go.

For many DC fans, the news was made even more official after some revelations came to light from a Kevin Smith-hosted podcast. While Strange Adventures, the DC anthology show of which Smith was attached to direct and co-write one episode was revealed to be canceled, the Green Lantern show has been confirmed to still be moving forward — something The Hollywood Reporter also corroborated.

Unsurprisingly, many DC fans frankly didn’t know what to make of the news about Green Lantern, which is a show that has famously been in development for several years now. Most fans responded to the news about a show that was initially announced back in 2019 with a heavy dose of sarcasm.


However, other commentators on Twitter celebrated the news, such as one fan’s remark that “We need more green lantern content.”

“This is where I win in life,” was another fan’s response.

“Maybe life isn’t so bad after all we might actually win fellow Green Lantern fans😭🙏🏿” another Twitter user said.

The upcoming Green Lantern show is set to star Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine.

This will be the biggest project ever for executive producer Greg Berlanti, with everyone involved reportedly “taking their time with the effects-heavy show,” the THR article said. Berlanti was previously the co-writer of the critically maligned Green Lantern movie from 2011, starring Ryan Reynolds, so hopefully, the producers will have learned their lesson this time around.