Hailee Steinfeld loved working with ‘real Avenger’ Jeremy Renner on ‘Hawkeye’

Image: Keane Eacobellis / Marvel

The MCU has offered up its latest fan-favorite double act in Hawkeye, with Clint Barton reluctantly finding himself with a protégé in the form of archery prodigy and accidental vigilante Kate Bishop. Over the three episodes we’ve had so far, we’ve seen the pair go from excitable fangirl and grouchy retired hero to developing a much closer bond and partnership, and that will no doubt continue over the next three episodes too.

It seems the characters’ on-screen chemistry was mirrored off-screen, as well, as Kate herself Hailee Steinfeld has gushed about getting the opportunity to team up with Jeremy Renner on the series. While speaking on the latest episode of the D23 Inside Disney podcast, Steinfeld called Renner “a real Avenger” and revealed how grateful she was to have his “mentorship” as she plunged into the Marvel universe for the first time.

“Working with Jeremy has really been so fun,” Steinfeld said. “To be in this show with an Avenger, not even an Avenger, a real Avenger, has been so incredible. Just to watch him do his thing, right. This is somebody who’s been in this world for 10 years and as somebody who is completely new to this world alone, it’s really unlike anything… This was a very unique experience, so to have him and his guidance and his mentorship through the whole thing was really awesome and I’m so grateful for it.”

Steinfeld’s words are not only welcome to hear, but her description of her working relationship with Renner eerily reflects their characters’ dynamic on the screen. Kate might have close ties with Clint in Hawkeye, but her comic book lifespan suggests she’ll be going solo pretty soon. She’s likely to take on the mantle of Hawkeye herself, for one, and join the Young Avengers in some upcoming project. Steinfeld’s comment about being new to the Marvel world implies she knows she’s got a big future ahead of her, so, just like Clint is preparing Kate for a life as a superhero, Renner apparently prepped his co-star on how to be a leading player in the MCU.

Steinfeld has big hopes for her Marvel future, too, as she has her sights set on some kind of team-up with either Iron Man or Black Widow thanks to the multiverse, as she revealed in this same interview. But, back to the (Christmas) present, make sure to watch Kate Bishop’s journey continue as Hawkeye drops new episodes Wednesdays on Disney Plus.