Halt And Catch Fire Renewed For Season 2


AMC announced today that drama Halt and Catch Fire, about the rise of the PC era in the 1980s, had been renewed for a second season, to air next summer.

Though the series was never a breakout hit like AMC’s The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, it attracted a small, loyal audience throughout its first season, which was likely enough for AMC to justify giving the critically acclaimed show more time to tell its story.

Earlier this year, it was unclear whether either of AMC’s two freshman series – Halt and Catch Fire and Revolutionary War spy drama TURN – would earn pick-ups, seeing as neither broke out in a big way. Now, however, both have assured futures on the network.

Said Charlie Collier, AMC president:

“This is a show about invention, experimentation, and the inherent risks in trying to break new ground – themes that really resonate with us as a network and attracted a passionate audience. We have a history of demonstrating patience through the early seasons of new shows, betting on talent and building audience over time. We see that opportunity here and look forward to a second season of ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ from creators Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers, and showrunner Jonathan Lisco.”

Lisco, Cantwell and Rogers added:

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to continue telling this story. Our series about creation, innovation, and taking bold risks wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our partners at AMC, a network known for these very things. Harnessing the momentum of our first season, this next chapter will take the rich characters our audience has come to love in new and surprising directions.”

Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Kerry Bishé, Mackenzie Davis and Toby Huss star in Halt and Catch Fire, which will return next summer. Were you watching during this first season? Let us know below.

Source: Deadline

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