The Haunting Of Hill House Creator’s New Netflix Show Has Started Shooting

Hill House

Mike Flanagan has built a reputation as one of the horror genre’s premiere talents, and if there’s three things you can rely on the filmmaker for it seems to be casting his wife Kate Siegel, adapting the works of Stephen King or creating new content for Netflix, and the 42 year-old’s latest project ticks two of those boxes.

Midnight Mass was green-lit as part of his recently-signed exclusive deal with Netflix, and will see Siegel play the lead role in what marks the seventh time she’s been directed by her husband, with the seven-episode series also the sixth consecutive collaboration with E.T. star Henry Thomas. Plot details are firmly under wraps at this point, but given that Flanagan’s last Netflix series was the acclaimed smash hit The Haunting of Hill House, expectations will be pretty high among fans of the horror genre.

With Hill House follow-up The Haunting of Bly Manor in the can and awaiting release, the Ouija: Origin of Evil director hasn’t wasted any time in moving onto his next project as he revealed that shooting on Midnight Mass has officially started, and you can check out the image confirming this below.

Flanagan’s last effort was The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep, which underperformed at the box office and saw plans for another movie quietly abandoned, although it’s found a new lease of life since becoming available on HBO Max. Having already brought Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game and the Haunting anthology to Netflix, the streaming giant seem to view Flanagan as their go-to guy for in-house horror, and based on his track record over the last decade, it looks like a very smart decision on their part to tie him down to an exclusive contract.