Haunting MCU theory imagines how the Blip affected Daredevil

daredevil spider man no way home
via Marvel Studios

Every Marvel Cinematic Universe project released during Phase Four so far has referenced the Blip in one way or another, which is understandable when Thanos wiping out half of all living creatures with a single snap of his fingers is a pretty big deal, especially when the unlucky 50 percent returned from five years in purgatory to go about their daily lives once again.

As we’ve seen, the game-changing incident has affected the MCU’s various heroes and supporting players in a myriad of different ways, and it isn’t just constricted to those who were dusted, either. However, a haunting new theory has imagined the effect it would have had on a fan favorite who technically didn’t even become a part of canon until the end of last year.

Charlie Cox made his triumphant return to the fold through a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with a Daredevil revival recently announced for Disney Plus, while we’re all expecting him to drop by Echo at some stage, too. There’s been concern that the MCU’s continuation of the Netflix hit won’t be anywhere near as dark and dingy as its Netflix predecessor, but that definitely won’t be the case if the creative team drew inspiration from the theory below.

That’s an absolutely terrifying thought, with Matt Murdock’s heightened senses (but inability to see in the strictest sense of the word) being forced to bear witness to millions of New York City residents vanishing in the blink of an eye. It’s dark, dark, stuff, but something that would make for a fascinating storyline in the MCU’s Daredevil V2.0.