‘Hawkeye’ concept art reveals unused Kate Bishop costume design

hawkeye kate bishop
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Some newly unveiled concept art for Marvel’s Hawkeye TV series reveals an unused costume design for Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. Though Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton was ostensibly the star of the show, Kate pretty much stole the limelight from the veteran Avenger as fans loved the MCU debut of the already popular comic book character. And with her purple costume, Steinfeld’s archery prodigy looked like she’d walked right off the page.

This new artwork reveals a different, if just as comics-accurate, look for Kate, however. Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development Andy Park shared this intriguing look at what might have been on his Instagram. The piece showcases Kate in a sleeveless version of her combat suit that harks back to how her mentor usually goes without sleeves himself.

In his caption, Park explains that this was his “EARLY concept design version” right at the beginning of the pre-production process. Kate’s final costume design, on the other hand, was provided by artist Rodney Fuentebella.

Kate often goes sleeveless herself in the comics, so fans would no doubt have loved to have seen this look realized on screen. However, the final rendition definitely works better when you remember that Hawkeye is set in New York in the middle of December, so Kate — not to mention Steinfeld — needed the extra cover while out on the streets saving the day.

Still, there’s the potential for Kate to wear a version of this costume at a later point as, now that she’s made her debut, we’ve likely got a lot more from Miss Bishop ahead of us in the MCU. Her next appearance hasn’t been established as yet, but fans are confident that Marvel has some kind of Young Avengers team-up project up its sleeves. So have patience, and she should return sooner than later.

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney Plus.

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