‘Hawkeye’ director was worried the finale’s credits scene would disappoint

rogers the musical

No Marvel Cinematic Universe project is complete without at least one credits scene, something that’s been carried over from the big screen to Disney Plus. For the most part, they tend to be nods to what’s coming next, but Hawkeye decided to take a risk and try something completely different.

Instead of an Easter Egg-laded stinger, or a direct nod towards an upcoming project like Echo or another of the streaming projects on the way, we were treated to the all-singing, all-dancing number from Rogers: The Musical in its glorious entirety.

While the majority of audiences were thrilled to see the whole thing, there was a minor subsection of MCU enthusiasts voicing their dissatisfaction that they weren’t given something more narratively or canonically substantial. In an interview with Collider, director Rhys Thomas admitted he was seriously nervous about having an extended musical interlude as the sole credits contribution to Hawkeye‘s finale.

“They made the decision to put the musical at the end there, which honestly, I was slightly conflicted about because like a fan, I’m like, ‘The people, they want to see something, they want to know what’s coming next. Is this going to disappoint?’. It’s a fun release at the end, and it’s a nice way to send people off. That’s how that came about and in terms of what it was, that was part of.”

Whisperings have swept the internet that dropping the whole Rogers: The Musical shebang was a way to gauge interest in a full-blown MCU musical endeavor, and based on the online reactions, it would be safe to say that audiences would lose their minds were the superhero franchise to dive headfirst into completely unexplored genre territory.