‘Hawkeye’ star knows which Avenger he wants to play if ‘Rogers: The Musical’ happens

Photo via Marvel

With Marvel’s most recent series, Hawkeye, coming to an end today, fans were surprised with an after-credits scene of what a real Rogers: The Musical could potentially look like. It’s no secret how many fans and members of the MCU enjoyed the idea of a Marvel-themed musical, whether it be serious or not, but one actor from the series already knows who he’d like to play and why.

Fra Fee, who plays Kazi in Hawkeye, is known for his previous roles in musicals such as Amazon’s Cinderella (2021) and Les Miserables (2012). So, it’s only natural to ask him about the surprise hit of Hawkeye, the fictitious Broadway show, Rogers: The Musical.

Fee explained that if ‘Rogers: The Musical’ ever comes to fruition, Fee would like to play none other than Steve Rogers, “I would play Captain America because he’s the lead. Is that not the obvious answer?” Not only is he the lead, but he’s also the namesake of the fake musical.

MCU fans know Chris Evans best as Steve Rogers, but casting someone already familiar with Marvel and musicals could be a win for both fandoms. Fee would be a great choice; however, he’s very open about his lack of dancing ability, “I’m a terrible dancer [laughs], so don’t ever ask me to dance. I sing, but I’m really, really, very bad at dancing.”

Fans of Marvel and Chris Evans know that he’s a not-so-secret tap-dancing master, but we never saw it translated on-screen as Captain America. So, Fee could still kill the role if the musical ever becomes a real thing.